Best Kept Village Competition

Published: 30 March 2019


Best Kept Village poster here

We need your help 

Foston's Big Clean Up Weekends

In preparation for entry into Best Kept Village Competition.

we are clearing up on the weekend of the 27th 28th April & 8th 9th June 2018.

We are looking for volunteers to help trim and cut back verges, clear footpaths,
trim overhanging hedges and generally clean and clear the main roads
and paths in readiness to enter the Best Kept Village Competition.

We also want to compile a list of people who would be willing to adopt a verge of those premises where occupants are unable cut them regularly, as well as a list of those verges needing attention.

The local conservation group is on-board and are going to keep the entrances to the village more attractive. 

Please contact,

David Guy: 07968587474 or email to volunteer, so that David can prepare a list of who is helping and plan accordingly.

                                                                                                                                       Many Thanks