Foston’s Community Aid Network Coronavirus

Published: 30 March 2020



Foston’s Community Aid Network

Coronavirus Update 20.03.2020.


Support for the elderly, vulnerable, self-isolating and pregnant ladies.

Foston Parish Council recognises that this will be an extremely difficult and stressful time for all villagers. On the plus side we have a band of 40 plus amazing individuals who are willing and able to help when and where necessary. Thank you so much for volunteering and please keep an eye on your neighbours. A friendly wave and a smile is always appreciated.

So we are now looking to identify residents who do not have any close family or immediate support. These are the people in the vulnerable categories including over 70’s, those with underlining health conditions, those self-isolating and pregnant ladies. These residents are likely to need extra support and help in the coming days and weeks with:

1. Collection of Shopping

2. Collection of Prescriptions

3. Collection of newspapers and or posting.

If you think you might, will or do need help

please, telephone Christina Lees who

will be coordinating the volunteers on 0772 554 1630.

Please remember Coronavirus or (COVID -19) is a very contagious disease that spreads rapidly. When making or receiving deliveries to or from any resident’s household, please keep at least 2 metres away from the householder. Leave the package on the door step, ring the bell and step back 2 metres. Do not make any sort of physical contact and do not go into the householder’s home. When delivering you will need to make sure the resident picks up the package and takes it indoors. Above all keep washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and make sure you have clean hands when delivering to all residents. Viruses can live on some surfaces for hours.

If you do not have access to the internet, we suggest you ask a friend or family member to set you up with on-line shopping on their computer. Then you can phone a friend or relative with your order and they will have it delivered to your home.

Due to the Coronavirus, Long Bennington Surgery are supplying to those over 70 years old, a three month supply of medication. The dispensary now need 5 full days before you can collect your prescriptions. For more information speak to the Dispensary. Long Bennington Medical Centre can be found here . Finally, please be on a look out for scammers. Whilst there are lots of people and groups who are doing amazing work in local communities, we need to be aware that there are people who will use the current situation to exploit others for their own benefit.