Neighbourhood Plan

Published: 21 March 2017


Foston's Neighbourhood Development Plan and Appendices here

Foston's Neighbourhood Development Plan goes for Referendum

on Thursday 4th May 2017, the same day as the County Council Elections.


Foston’s Neighbourhood Plan has been passed by an Independent

Examiner who now recommends submission for a Village Referendum.


Now we need you to Vote YES to Foston’s Plan.


There are 21 Policies that are to be read in conjunction with;

Foston’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (February 2017),

Foston Landscape Character Assessment (December 2014),

Foston’s Built Character Assessment (March 2016),

Foston’s Residential, Commercial Building Guidance and

Renewable Energy Guidance (March 2016).


Foston’s Neighbourhood Development Plan has 21 policies

are divided into categories below:


1. Quality of Life Policy FNP01 to Policy FNP04

2. Environment and Countryside Policy FNP05 to Policy FNP06

3. Heritage and the Built Environment Policy FNP07to PolicyFNP08

4. Housing and New Development Policy FNP09 to Policy FNP11

5. Business Policy FNP12 to Policy FNP13

6. Renewable Energy Policy FNP14 to Policy FNP16

7. Leisure, Recreation and Community Facilities Policy FNP17 to Policy FNP18

8. Transport Policy FNP19 to Policy FNP20

9. Implementation Policy FNP21


Following the referendum, as long as the YES vote receives 50%

of the vote then Foston will have its own Planning Policies that will

become part of South Kesteven District Council’s Local Plan (SKDC).


Aiming to ensure Foston remains a successful vibrant village that values

its past but looks to the future.


A hard copy of the documents can be viewed by contacting the Clerk of

Foston Parish Council Mrs Wendy McCallin or on 01400 282001 or the

Chairman Christina Lees on 01400 281309